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Free AP Tests: Will You Qualify?

By: Jessica Marvin/Co-editor in Chief

Every year around this time, students begin to become more aware of looming exams. A recent Blue Ridge board meeting revealed that this year’s Advanced Placement (AP) tests would be free for students to take. Principal of Curriculum, Mr. Matthew Nebzydoski worked to get the extra funding for the tests by requesting funding from the Community Foundation, a non-profit organization which works to help benefactors of the Endless Mountains plan and manage their donations.

“Our goal was to ensure that funding was not a barrier to gaining AP credits,” says Mr. Nebzydoski.

As AP scores above a 3 can often be counted as college credits, student’s find these exams attractive despite the rigor of the courses. However, money can often be a deterrent when thinking about whether or not to take AP exams, as the $94 price tag can be too much for many families to dole out – especially if they have many tests to pay for. For this reason, having an opportunity to have their exams paid for was welcome news for many students.

“[AP] offers college credit which can make your freshman year a little easier,” senior Hunter Renwick remarked before adding, “[taking the exams] gets you out of finals, so…”

It is crucial to note, however, that a practice AP exam will be administered in each subject to determine if students will receive the school funding for their test.

AP Exam fees will be paid for any student that meets the following criteria:

  1. Student scores a minimum score equivalent to a 3 or higher on a practice exam provided by the AP teacher.
  2. Student scores a minimum score equivalent to an AP Exam score of 2 and attends a minimum of 2 study sessions outside of class.



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