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By: Allyssa Johnson/Co-Editor Chief and Alec Martin/Co-Social Media Director

With Thanksgiving just around the corner Blue Ridge’s Leo club is hosting its annual Feed-A-Friend competition.

Families within the school district struggle to make ends meet, and Thanksgiving is no exception. Feed-A-Friend helps families have the traditional Thanksgiving feast we have all come to know.

Feed-A-Friend is regionally sponsored by Trehab and WNEP.

Each grade is given an assigned item to donate, but money is also accepted. For every item or dollar donated, the homeroom will earn one point. The classroom with the most points wins a breakfast pizza party. Donations will be accepted until November 1st.

Kristen Latting said, “All donations go to the local food banks in Montrose & Susquehanna that are run by Tre-Hab.”

(The following list serves as a guide, but any of the following items will gain points for each class.)

Kindergarten- Jello-Mix

1st Grade- Pudding mix

2nd Grade- Fruit cocktail

3rd Grade- Canned Pears

4th Grade- Canned Peaches

5th Grade- Applesauce

6th Grade- Cranberry Sauce

7th Grade- Canned Corn

8th Grade- Canned Green Beans

9th Grade- Canned peas

10th Grade – Sweet Potatoes

11th Grade- Stuffing

12th Grade – Instant Potatoes

If you have any questions email Kristen Latting at


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