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Sports Feature: Emily Formosa

By: Gavin Bradley/Co-Sports Editor

Our featured athlete is Emily Formosa, a member of the Varsity Basketball Cheer Team. Formosa has been a member of the Varsity cheer team for 4 years, she’s also participated in All-Star Cheer leading. She’s cheered for a total of 6 years. Formosa was a member of the track team her freshman and sophomore year. Formosa is a senior this year and plans on attending Bloomsburg University to major in Human Services and Social Work.

We asked Formosa why she cheers to which she replied, “I never really enjoyed the other sports that I was involved in, but when I tried cheer, I loved every practice and every game and I never dreaded it.”

We followed that by asking what her favorite aspect of cheer is exactly, to which she stated, “Having a second family. Becoming close with dozens of girls I wasn’t exactly close with before and building off that. Making years worth of memories with the girls that I wouldn’t have made without cheer.”

Formosa is absolutely passionate about cheer and will surely be missed here at Blue Ridge. With the season coming to a close, Formosa will be playing the last sport ever of her high school career.



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