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Eyebrow Trends of 2017

By: Delia Geyer/Content Editor

As eyebrows have become the face of fashion trends, we have seen them constantly shown on social media.

One of the most popular eyebrow trends, and the one that may have started the online obsession, is the “Instagram Brows.”

This has been featured all over the internet by many make-up artists and others. The look is completed by filling in and shaping the brows (among other things). It can be seen on Instagram accounts such as @makeupmalii and @jamescharles. While this shape and style of eyebrows are common in real life and not just online, there are also trends that aren’t as common.

One example of these trends is the “squiggle” brows which can be seen on the account @rlinachang, and under the hashtag #squigglebrows.

Other trends include braided brows, feather brows, rainbow brows, and barbed-wire brows.

Considering none of these trends were necessarily expected, it will be interesting to see what other kinds of trends surprise us in the future.

Braided Eyebrow From TheBeautyInsiders
Sqiggle Brow From
Feathered Brow From
Barbed-Wire Brow From Business Insider
Rainbow Brow From LittleThings


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