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Everything You Need to Know About Next Year’s New York City Trip

By: Cassie Clapper/ Junior Writer

Where: Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Palace Theater in New York City.

When: Wednesday, September 26th, 2018.

Times: Students will leave from the high school lobby at 5:15 am and return approximately around 10:30 pm.

Payments: The first payment due to Mrs. Camburn is $52.50. The second payment, due September 14th,  is $52.50. The total is $105. Checks are payable to High School Activity Account.

Seats are limited to 45 students. 

Lunch is in Times Square at a restaurant (extra cost)

What to see at Metropolitan Museum of Art:  There are different kinds of art to look at and be inspired by. Students will see the Arts of Native N. America, Egyptian Art, European Paintings, Medieval Art, Modern and Contemporary Art sections.

What to see at the Broadway Show: Every year, there’s always a different show to see. This year, we’re going to see SpongeBob SquarePants: The Musical.

Students will need to bring their own money for Lunch and Dinner. It is customary to dress nicely for theatre productions, and students are advised to dress weather-appropriately.

“The adults who are attending with the students are Ms. Zakarauskas, Mr. Lorusso, Ms. Jesse, Mr. Nebz, and myself. I recommend to bring 20-35 dollars for food. There are 42 seats left. I hope my art students will recognize some of the art that we’ve done. I looked at the options, the best prices, and the timing for the musical. I also rallied with some of the students and saw that [SpongeBob SquarePants: The Musical was] supposed to be a good show,” states art teacher and organizer of the trip, Mrs. Sarrah Camburn.


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