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Envirothon Teams Head to Elk Mountain

By: Noah Martin/Senior Writer

BR Envirothon members will travel to Elk Mountain on Friday, April 28, 2023 to compete with area teams.

According to the Pennsylvianian Envirothon website, “Hundreds of teachers and professionals throughout Pennsylvania guide high school students through this natural resource environmental education program that combines classroom learning and outdoor activities.”

The Envirothon experience gives students exposure to nature that demonstrates  humans impact the natural world provide invaluable lessons for understanding ecosystems and our environment.

At the Envirothon, teams of five high school students compete in field testing using their knowledge in five topic areas – Soils and Land UseAquatic EcologyForestryWildlife, and Environmental Issues. A current environmental issue is chosen each year as the “hot topic” for the focus of this station as well as the oral presentation component.

Team member JJ Rosa says: “Our teams have been working hard to prepare for the competition with various activities, including identifying animal tracks, animal sounds, and furs.”

Senior Tim Higgins says one of his favorite activities is measuring trees.

“We use a Biltmore stick and measure the length of the ‘good wood,’ or the trunk, before the point where the branches start. We establish the diameter using a tape measure.”

Dalton Rutter, a senior at BR, says he is prepared for the competition.

“I’ve studied very hard to get ready for this competition. I really look forward to competing and seeing the other people there.”

Winners of Friday’s competition will head to the state competition on Wednesday, May 24, 2023 at at Camp Mount Luther near Mifflinburg.

The competition, like last year, will be a hybrid event with testing taking place at Camp Mount Luther and the oral component taking place on a date to be announced.

Envirothon includes more than 15,000 high school students from all of Pennsylvania’s sixty-seven counties, according to the state Envirothon website.

For more information about Blue Ridge Envirothon teams’ competition success, see:


Read about how Envirothon benefits students beyond high school here:


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Noah Martin
Noah Martin
Senior writer Noah Martin plays baseball, golf and belongs to Envirothon. Noah is not sure yet what he wants to do after college, but says he is family oriented and loves to hunt with his grandfather.
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