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Envirothon Competition

By: Emma Glezen/Content Editor

On Thursday, May 3rd, 2018 Mr. Price took his four Envirothon teams to Elk Mountain to compete in the 2018 Susquehanna County Conservation District Envirothon competition (on his birthday!!).  Mr. Price brought along his trusted colleagues, Mr. Corbin and Mrs. Hepler, who have attended many years of competition.  For the eighth year in a row, Mr. Price has sent a team to states, beating Mountain View’s advisor who held the record of seven years in a row.

This year out of the five sections of Envirothon (forestry, soils, aquatics, wildlife, and the current event) a few were changed slightly.  Wildlife lacked the normal word bank and had an extra section of identification, all without the word bank for help.  The current event changes every year, from farming stewardship (last year’s current event) to the correct way to rotate crops and livestock to best benefit the land (this year’s current event).  For students, this experience is very beneficial to their knowledge of the environment.

“I believe going to envirothon and learning about our environment are some of the most important things a student can do to better be aware of the world around you,” said senior, Luke Updyke.

This year compared to other years, our Envirothon members had the short end of the stick.  Blue Ridge did not have an environmental science class and Mr. Price did not have a lot of time to help the members study.  Also, this year was one of the few years that Blue Ridge sent only four teams of five students.  Although there were less kids sent this year, Blue Ridge still managed to get all four teams in the top ten.  Teams The Bog Turkeys (Emma Glezen, Travis Hickling, Courtney Randall, Charlie Randall, and Cole Auckland) and The Price Is Right (Garrett Mansfield, Luke Updyke, Hunter Conklin, Abby Hartman, and Miranda Brulla), took the first and second place spots, earning an all exclusive two day trip, from June 13th to the 14th, to the Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center for two different tours.

These tours will be on the bay, including a kayaking excursion and catching a bay critter.  While on the first day of travelling to Chesapeake, they will be stopping at the Pennstate Agronomy Research Farm in Manheim, PA to observe their farming techniques.  The first place team also earned $4,000 as a first place prize, dispersed among the five team members, and will be going to the state competition at the end of this month.


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