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Entry Number 008- T.S.A. Answers

By: T.S.A./Guest Writer

Question: What should I do if I think my boyfriend is cheating on me? He has in the past, and now I’m scared that he is doing it again. What should I do?

Answer: The basis for a good relationship is trust and communication. Without these things, it’s hard for a relationship to be successful. It’s hard to have trust when he has broken it before, and it’s hard to talk about it if it’s a sensitive topic. 

So, first, you have to figure out if he is actually cheating on you. You should confront him about it and have an open conversation. Making assumptions never helps the situation and beating around the bush just prolongs the problem. Hopefully, he will be truthful with you and explain himself. However, that is not always the case, especially if he is going to continue this charade.

If he is not willing to have an open conversation, then you could try to find out yourself. You could always ask your friends if they have seen anything suspicious. If you find anything that proves that he cheated on you, then you can confront him and tell him that you are not okay with being with someone who is not serious about the relationship. That is not love.

If he is cheating on you, then you should just break up with him. We know how hard it would be to leave someone who you have spent a good amount of time with. Ending a relationship is not an easy thing to do. You become so reliant on that person, it seems like life without them would be hard.

If he really had feelings for you, then he wouldn’t risk your relationship for something temporary. Staying in a toxic relationship is never good for our mental and, in some cases, physical health. No one needs that type of stress in their lives; it’s better to surround yourself with people who will actually appreciate you.

Thanks again for contacting us! We hope that we gave you some helpful tips, and we know that this is going to be hard. Stay strong and move on!


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