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Entry Number 005- T.S.A. Answers

By:T.S.A/Guest Writer

Question: How do you know if a girl likes you? How should I proceed if they show an interest?

Answer: This is definitely a great question that left us thinking. It took some time for us to figure out a good answer that would help you with your problem. Trying to pick out the signs that hint to whether a girl likes you or not could be very difficult to figure out. Every girl has different levels of interest which can either make their signs more clear or not clear at all. However, there are signs that are easy to point out that most girls have in common.

If she likes you she will…

  • Try to get your attention all of the time.
  • Laugh at your jokes whether they are good or bad.
  • Get jealous when you talk to other girls.
  • She will always try to text you first.
  • She will video chat you as much as possible.
  • She will want to meet your parents.
  • She will “play fight” with you. 
  • When texting, the conversation will go both ways.
  • She will bring up memories of times the two of you spent together. 
  • She will tease you for fun about little things that you can both laugh about.
  • She responds quickly to messages.
  • She might play hard to get.
  • You might catch her looking at you.

How to proceed if they show interest

  • Text her first.
  • Ask her how she feels about being in a relationship.
  • Ask her friends how she feels about you.
  • Do not ghost her, girls don’t respond well to playing hard to get.
  • Flirt back.
  • Ask her to hang out as friends and see if it could be something more.
  • Try to have more contact with them (cuddle) if they are comfortable with you.
  • Give her compliments.
  • Let her know exactly how you feel.
  • Make her feel special and valued.
  • Make every moment with her the best that you can.
  • Do sentimental things for her.

Thank you so much for contacting us. We really hope that we let you have a peak inside of what goes on in a girls brain. Remember be confident in yourself and who you are! Thanks again! Tell us how everything goes!


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