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Entry 015 – T.S.A. Answers

By: T.S.A./Guest Writer

Question: Is dating a thing of the past? 

Answer: In most cases the answer is yes. Nowadays, teens seem to have recreated the meaning for the word “dating.” It has become more of a label than an actual relationship compared to the past, where people would actually take the time to get to know each other. You would go out on dates to form a special connection that could grow into a meaningful relationship in the future. However, teens today sometimes qualify themselves as being in a relationship just because they are near each other often and they hold hands. 

In the past, if a guy was interested in a girl he was more likely to take the following steps to properly ask her out on a date. First, he may have gone to the girl’s house and met her family, and then he may have asked her father’s permission to take her out on a date. This is much less common now. Dating took a much slower pace, and there seemed to be more meaning behind every step. For example, back in the 50’s, a majority of girls didn’t kiss on the first date, and you’d rarely see PDA in public areas. Instead, dating referred more to going out and getting to know a person better and establishing boundaries.   

Nowadays, it can be tempting to see someone cute, swipe right, and move too fast. Dating in this time period is often easier and fast-paced due to the help of technology. The fast internet leads to fast communication, but remember that it can also lead to getting into a relationship too quickly. Texting is the way that many dating people communicate, and they use Instagram or Facebook as a way to prove to everyone that the relationship is the real thing, a.k.a “IG or Facebook Official.” There is sometimes no true meaning behind “dating.” It can be easy to decide to be with someone just to join the bandwagon and make yourself feel like you fit into society.

However, not every “dating” couple nowadays is doomed for the worst. While it has changed from the past, with careful consideration and care, dating can still have meaning. Really, it’s all in what you make of it, so make the best of it! What works for some people may not work for others (and vice versa), and with modernized times, almost any idea you have about dating is likely to be accepted, whether it’s old-fashioned or not.

Some fun dating activities to do with your boyfriend/girlfriend are: 

  1. Go to a local nonprofessional sports game.
  2. Play board games or card games at a cafe or at home.
  3. Go to the nearest amusement park or water park.
  4. Play a sport or do an activity that you are both horrible at or have never done.
  5. Do seasonal activities such as: pumpkin picking, strawberry picking, pumpkin carving, seeing Christmas lights, secret Santa, making gingerbread houses, baking Christmas cookies, and going on a Valentine’s date. 
  6. Have a fun night at home and watch a Netflix movie.
  7. Make a meal together and have dinner at home.
  8. Get a group of friends and go out.
  9. Pack a picnic and go stargazing.
  10. Go for a hike together and see something new.

Remember, dating does not have to be a thing of the past, if you approach it the right way. Just take your time, since not everything has to happen all at once. The words “I love you” can have such a deep meaning to them, so there’s no need to waste them only because you feel like you are obligated to. Don’t feel pressured by the fast-paced “dating” world if it’s not for you. “Dating” is important to many and can result in a long term relationship. Don’t  “fall in love” because you feel like you have to. “Fall in love” with the right person, at the right time, for the right reasons.

Thank you so much for contacting us! Reach out again if you need any more advice?


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