Sunday, July 3, 2022

End of Year Events

By: Ryan Glatzel/Senior Editor

As the school year winds down, the events just keep coming and the days can get hectic and chaotic. To make sure no one gets confused here is a list of events for the end of the year, listed day by day.

      • May 17th
        • Grades 6-8 Math PSSA
        • AP Exam- Statistics (PM)
      • May 18th
        • Grades 6-8 Math PSSA
      • AP Exam- Lit
        • Retake for quarantined students
        • Flipped Schedule- Period 7,8,9,1,5,6,2,3,4
      • May 19th
        • Grade 8 Science PSSA
      • May 20th
        • Algebra 1 Keystone
      • May 21st
        • Algebra 1 Keystone
        • Class Officer Voting- Tribe for 8th grade and Flex for grades 9-11
        • High School Musical “Grease” Opening Night @8pm
      • May 24th
        • ELA Keystone
        • AP Exam- Physics (PM)
      • May 25th
        • ELA Keystone
        • Elementary Awards (Grades 1-5)- Auditorium 8:20am- 1:00pm
      • May 26th
        • Biology Keystone
        • Band- “Concert in the Park” @6:30pm
      • May 27th
        • Biology Keystone
      • May 28th
        • Senior Class Meeting- Auditorium during Flex- Distribute Senior Caps
        • Tentative Field Day- Grades 9-12
      • May 31st
        • No School- Memorial Day
      • June 1st
      • Senior Exams for Periods 7 & 8- 8:20-11:30 @Cafeteria
        • *Only for seniors attending the senior trip
      • June 2nd
      • Senior Exams for Period 9- 8:20-9:50 @Cafeteria
        • *Only for seniors attending the senior trip
        • 8th Grade Promotion Rehearsal- Periods 3 & 4 @Auditorium
        • NJHS Rehearsal Periods 7 & 8 @Auditorium
      • June 3rd
        • 8th Grade Promotion Rehearsal- Periods 1 & 2 @Auditorium
        • NJHS Rehearsal Periods 3 & 4 @Auditorium
        • NJHS Ceremony- 6:00pm- @Auditorium
      • 8th Grade Promotion- 7:00pm- @Auditorium
        • *Students report to homerooms for attendance every half-day and dismissed to the final exam period for that day
      • ATTENTION STUDENT DRIVER’S/RIDER’S- If you are planning on driving someone or riding home with someone who is not your siblings on the last 4 half-days you only need ONE parent signed permission slip from the office for the 4 days! (For further questions contact Ms. Webster) 
      • June 4th
        • Final Exam Day 1 (Periods 1 & 2)
        • Half-Day of School
      • Exam Period- 1st @8:20-9:50; 2nd @9:53-11:33
        • Report to Homeroom @11:33
        • Lunch @11:35- Dismissal @12:20
        • Pre-K Graduation- Auditorium @8:20am-2:20pm
        • Prom Guest Forms Due
      • June 7th
        • Final Exam Day 2 (Periods 3 & 4)
        • Half-Day of School
      • Exam Period- 3rd @8:20-9:50; 4th @9:53-11:33
        • Report to Homeroom @11:33
        • Lunch @11:35- Dismissal @12:20
        • Kindergarten Graduation- Auditorium @8:20am-2:20pm
      • June 8th
        • Final Exam Day 3 (Periods 7 & 8)
        • Half-Day of School
      • Exam Period- 7th @8:20-9:50; 8th @9:53-11:33
        • Report to Homeroom @11:33
        • Lunch @11:35- Dismissal @12:20
      • Senior Trip
          • Depart from BR @8:15am
          • Arrive back @9:30pm-9:45pm
          • Bring mask(s), extra clothes, sunscreen, bathing suit, towel, drinks, snacks, and or $ for drinks and snacks.
        • Lunch/Dinner, ice cream bar, and s’mores bar are included in senior trip prices.
      • June 9th
        • Last Day of School for students/teachers
      • Half-Day of School
        • Students report to homeroom and stay there from 8:20 am-9:15 am for SADD zoom presentation (Grades 6-12)
        • Final Exam Day 4 (Period 9)
      • Exam Period- 9th @9:20-10:50
        • Students report to homeroom at 10:50 am
      • Locker Cleanout
          • Grades 6/8/10/12- 10:55-11:10
        • Grades 7/9/11- 11:10-11:25
      • Lunch @11:35- Dismissal @12:20
        • Driver’s + Rider’s, with permission from homeroom teacher, can leave at 11:35 after completing their locker check
      • June 10th
      • Mandatory Graduation Rehearsal- @9:00am-12:00pm
          • Bring cap and tassel to rehearsal
        • Cap design/decorations due- Must have approval from Ms. Webster (for further questions see Ms. Webster)
        • SCCTC Graduation @Elk Lake
      • June 11th
      • Mandatory Graduation Rehearsal- @9:00am-12:00pm
        • Bring cap and tassel to rehearsal
        • All fees/obligations, including credit recovery, are due. If not satisfied you will not be allowed to participate in Graduation.
      • PROM!!- Attention Juniors and Seniors- Guests must have a guest form turned in by June 4th and have negative COVID test results to the HS office within 72 hours of the event.
          • BR Main Office Fax- 570-832-2051
          • Location: Green Gables Pavilion
        • Times: Arrival/Pictures, etc.-5:15-5:45; Dinner- 5:45-6:45; Crowning- 6:45-7:00; Dancing- 7:00-10:00
      • June 12th
      • Graduation!!
          • Graduation will be held in the Blue Ridge High School Auditorium.
        • Each Graduate will receive 4 tickets- 2 for the auditorium and 2 for the gym.
        • Graduation Parade- Line up @11:00am- Orchard Street Great Bend; Parade Start- 12:00 pm- Escorted through Great Bend, Hallstead, and New Milford; Graduation @1:00

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Ryan Glatzel
Ryan Glatzel is a second year journalism student who likes to try new things. He's a senior who participates in band, theater, and NHS. After high school he plan to attend Marywood University to major in Biology.


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