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Emily Marvin Senior Feature

By: Grace Graf/Senior Writer

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving. -Albert Einstein

After graduation Emily Marvin plans to attend Kutztown University to study biochemistry. She hope to eventually pursue a doctorate in the same field.

Her favorite memories, Marvin says, are from her AP Government class.

“I enjoyed the controversial conversations and we could make them last the whole class.”

Marvin says her friends helped her through high school and she will miss walking from class to class with the people she’s known all her life.

Marvin is an enthusiastic participant in extracurricular activities at Blue Ridge where she is a member of Leo club (five years), National Honor Society (four years), SADD  (one year), and Science Club (one year).

Her advice to underclassmen is to treasure the time spent at Blue Ridge.

“You only go through high school once and it goes by fast, make memories while you can. Also. don’t take AP.”



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Grace Graf
Grace Graf
Grace always loved to write which is what led her to taking journalism. She works very hard in school and is always studying. Outside of school Grace loves to spend her time outdoors and with friends and family. During the summer you will find Grace on her horse either on a trail ride or at a horse show.
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