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Elementary Santa’s Workshop

By: Emma Glezen/Content Editor

In the last few weeks before Christmas break, the elementary children are given the opportunity to buy cute, little gifts, for their families while in school.  This provides the kids with a little bit of independence and the ability to give their parents a gift they might not find anywhere else.  Nicole Warner recalls that “They are so excited to tell us what they got their family members.  We received a thank you note from a child this year, thanking us for being able to shop.”  She also believes that the Workshop is a great opportunity to teach the children about the gift of giving.  The first two full weeks of school in December, the 4th to the 15th, Santa’s Workshop was set up in the Occupational Therapy room in the Kindergarten pod.

The elementary PTO organized everything and ran it all with help from a few other parents or grandparents.  A couple women who helped out were Nicole Warner and Ginny Lord.  Even a few students could sign up through Mrs. Latting (LEO Club Adviser) to help out with the workshop.

This year the children had a wide variety to choose from for gifts.  Ranging from little trinkets all the way to blankets or bath bombs.  All in order to fit any age relative they were shopping for during the last two weeks.  The gifts also fit what is in style for this generation.  This year the women in the PTO went out and bought the items from common stores. Warner says, “We go to local stores such as, Walmart, Dollar Tree, Five Below, Dollar General, and Family Dollar.  We like to keep all items five dollars and lower in order to keep it affordable for the families.”

Many, now high school, students remember different things about their experiences in early Santa’s Workshops.  Back then, there used to be little trinkets, “World’s Best Mom” or even “World’s Best Dad” objects, for the children to pick from.  One girl who helped out with Santa’s Workshop this year was, Abby Hartman, who says that as a kid “I remember buying little rings with colored gems or earrings and Christmas ornaments every year.”  Now that the times are changing, there are more mature things for little kids to pick from.  Hartman says that the presents this year were more useful and that there was a wider variety of more mature gifts.


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