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Elementary PTO’s Santa’s Workshop

By: Mary Kerr/ Social Media Director

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at Blue Ridge School District where many elementary students are busy shopping for their friends and family members at Santa’s Workshop.

The elementary’s Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) organizes and hosts this annual event for elementary students. The event is not only helpful to elementary students and families, but also to middle and high school students who gain an opportunity to volunteer and help the young raiders pick out the perfect gifts for their loved ones.

Prior to the week of shopping, students and their families are given a shopping list envelope. On this envelope, the parents can help organize who the kids need to shop for and how much money is allotted to each receiver. The parents also can decide how much money to send in with their child to shop with.

Times throughout the day are devoted for specific classes, and for the students in those classes to shop for the perfect gifts. The scheduled week for children to shop started Monday November 3rd to Tuesday November 11th. Yet, the PTO finished up early so Friday November 7th was the last day and was used for students who needed to make up their shopping.

Gifts ranged in price from $0.25 to $9.00. Within these different price ranges, there were a lot of different options for the students to chose from. Each price range had at least one thing that can be given to any family member or friend. Some gifts were personalized with grandma or father sayings and messages on them. The children had the opportunity to think of their loved ones while shopping and decide what each person would love to receive.

This school event for the elementary students also benefits the high school and middle school students. Members of the High School National Honor Society and High School and Middle School Leo Club were given a volunteer opportunity though this PTO event.


High School students helping out. Photo provided by Kristen Latting. 

Students were to sign up prior to helping out and have their volunteer periods approved by teachers. Students helped the younger children shop for who was on their lists, making sure they did not go over their budgets and helping them pick out the perfect gift for everyone. Students also helped the adults wrap presents and get materials prepared for wrapping.


Some of the middle school students who helped out on the top, high school students on the bottom. All photos provided by Kristen Latting.

Danielle Goff who is one of the secretaries of the High School Leo Club said that “I think its a nice activity for the kids to experience and a great tradition to remember.”

In addition to high school volunteers, many PTO members helped out with this event. Adults helped package and wrap student’s presents, making sure the present got assigned to the right receiver. Also, some adults helped students shop, ringing their products out and helping them pay. Courtney Herbert who is the Vice President of the PTO was the main organizer of the event. Courtney made sure that the workshop was fully stocked with a wide variety of gifts for students to choose from.

Any holiday spent this season, should be joyful and connecting. Hopefully this small event in Blue Ridge’s Elementary School can spread lots of happiness into your homes.


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