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8 Things New Drivers Need To Know

By: Alexa Stanley/ Social Media Director

1.What to do when you get pulled over.

Getting pulled over can be overwhelming, but during this time you need to remain calm and collected. The minute you see lights flick on, slowly pull over to the side of the road and sit still until the officer approaches your car. Then, when it is asked of you, reach for your license and registration.

2. What do you do if your “check engine” light comes on.

When your “check engine” light comes on, make sure that you check that your gas cap is on tight. A “check engine” light is meant to notify a driver if there are any power problems that can affect your emission. If the light seems to stay on after tightening your gas cap and slowing down, then call your local automotive shop and set up an appointment to get your car inspected.

3. What to do after getting into an accident.

If you are able to, you must move your car off the road or to a safe area. Once your car is out of any more harm’s way, check on others around you to make sure that they are okay. Once you’ve checked on your surroundings get out of your car (if you are able too). Call the police and review the scene with them and wait for further instructions. Getting in an accident can be alarming and stressful so it is important to remain calm and collected.

4. Driving in rain or snow.

I’m sure it’s safe to say that everyone knows that in conditions such as rain and snow, you should drive slower. But there is more you need to pay attention to than just your speed. You need to pay close attention to your breaks and how sensitive they are, so there are no quick stops which could cause hydroplaning or sliding. By any means, if you can avoid stopping, do. Stopping can cause your car to catch ice or water and can lead to a bad outcome.

5. Get rid of all distractions.

Before you take off on to the road, turn your notifications off on your phone (silent). If you’re going to plug your phone into your aux cord, make sure that you have made a playlist prior to your ride so that you aren’t trying to change a song in the middle of driving. Most importantly, make sure that your phone is face down while you’re driving so that in case you do get a notification, the bright screen lighting up won’t distract you.

6. How to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

You want to make sure that you change your oil every three months. This helps your car run better by lubricating internal components. Checking your tire pressure every now and then is a good way of maintaining good, healthy wheels.

7. In freezing conditions.

You want to check your tire’s pressure along with tred. Black ice increases at freezing points so you want to make sure that you’re driving slowly and carefully. The number one thing you DO NOT want to do is try to pass snow plows. This will cause an unclear vision while you’re driving and puts you at higher risk of sliding or getting in an accident.

8. Always make sure you look ahead.

Looking ahead will help you prevent sudden stops or turns, but it also helps notify you. If you look ahead you are able to see signs that might be directing you a certain way or warning you about an accident or traffic that is ahead.



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