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Effective Punishment

By: Gavin Bradley/Co-Sports Editor

Do school punishments work? Are kids learning from their mistakes or is the school wasting resources? Many kids believe that school punishments are ineffective. We generally see the same students in the principle’s office everyday. Punishments like out-of-school suspension, in-school-suspension, and detentions have been proven to work in some cases, but they definitely have their weaknesses.

Most students who receive out-of-school suspension (OSS) aren’t exactly receiving correctional treatment, and seeing a change in heart. Students getting OSS are receiving exactly what they want- to get out of school. Not being able to come to school for a lot of students can be considered a blessing. The punishment is effective for kids who are never in the office or have a great concern for their permanent record. OSS is by far the worst looking on someone’s record (next to expulsion), so it can definitely scare a lot of kids.

We asked our principle Peter Supko what he thought of out-of-school suspension, he replied, “It really depends on the student. For some it can be effective. It’s tough to decide the punishment, but the main objective of OSS is to promote a safe and secure learning environment.”

As for in-school-suspension (ISS), people receiving this punishment have violated the handbook in a much lesser way. ISS can be effective because it isn’t as hard to receive as OSS, keeps kids in school, and the students are isolated from their peers and forced to either work on schoolwork or read. An even more effective type of ISS used to take place in what is now Mrs. Woosman’s room. Then, students would sit in one room all day long (rather than moving from class to class) and become completely isolated with fold out walls on each side of them.

We asked Mr. Supko why the old way of ISS is no longer in effect, he replied “The room was a burden on resources. We only have ISS about twice a week and we were using an entire room for it. There’s not a lot of alternatives to work with.”

We came to the conclusion that the most effective way of punishment is detention. Detention causes kids to stay after school, outside of regular school schedules. Detention is only two hours long, but that’s an entire two hours you could be at home relaxing. You can get detention for some of the smallest things, but after receiving one, most students do their best to stay in line and not get in the slightest amount of trouble.

We asked Mr. Supko why he thought detention was the most effective he stated that “Detentions cut directly into YOUR time.”




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