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On Track to Graduate Early

By: Madison Swisher/Senior Writer

Most people say high school goes by fast, especially when senior year hits. For Clayton Whitney and Kaelin Hughes, their high school careers are going even faster than most. Both students will be graduating a year early.

While Whitney and Hughes are both set to graduate in 2020, their paths to early graduation differ.

Hughes realized when she was in eighth grade she was on a course to early graduation.

“I was in the middle of my eighth grade year and they just told me I was now a freshman.”

Whitney, however, found out about the possibility of early graduation at the end of last year during his class scheduling.

“It feels the same as it did before,” Whitney said.

Whitney explained how he would miss his friends, but its not the last he will be seeing of them.

Even though it came as a shock and neither of them expected it, they both claim that they are mentally prepared to graduate and face the difficulties that may come along the way.

Once the year is over and graduation is done, Whitney plans to attend Scranton University to study business management or entrepreneurship. Hughes plans to attend a university nearby to practice political science or math.

Both students say they are working very hard to be where they are and will continue to work hard to get where they want to be in life. Hughes and Whitney say they are going to make their last year of high school count.


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Madison Swisher
Madison Swisher
Madison Swisher is a senior and a first year member of journalism. She decided to take journalism her last year of high school because she wants to try something new and experience this to see if this is something she would like to continue in college. Madison’s career choices are involved around music, she is interested in pursuing a career in playing her trumpet for others and/or teaching other students with the same interests.
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