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Dungeon Monsters!

By: Tori Auckland/A&E Editor

The art room is at it again! Mrs. Camburn had her kids create monsters out of paper and other various items from her art room. Her students used glue, tape, wooden sticks, newspapers, yarn, oil colors, googly eyes, streamers, and so much more! All of the art classes participated in this project.

Keeping with the spooky season, Camburn’s students lived up to her expectations. If you go down to the dungeon, you will see the multiple creatures that have made the hallways their new home. The students only had two days to use their imagination and create their monsters.

It was a great way to open up the students’ minds and let out some creativity that they can not express elsewhere. Ranging from very cute monsters to a few creepy ones, students worked in groups using everyone’s ideas to create one creature.

To motivate her students, Camburn made it a competition, because who doesn’t like to win, right? She is having anonymous teachers vote for their favorite monster, and the winner gets a bucket of candy! What a fun and creative way to celebrate the season! Take a look at the pictures below to see which one is your favorite!



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