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Does all Bottled Water Taste the Same?

By: Carissa Zawiski/Sophomore Writer

Have you ever preferred one bottled water over another because of the taste? Do you think bottled water tastes different? The students below were asked if they thought bottled water taste the same.

Ashleigh Barton- Water definitely tastes different, no water tastes the same.

Karris Fazzi- NO!

Peyton Gelinger- Bottled water does not taste different to me, I think water tastes the same because well… it’s water and water doesn’t really have a taste.

Thomas Gibson- No, all water taste different.

Ryan Glatzel- It depends on the type of bottle.

Liberty Graves- I think water tastes different because of the types of plastic bottles and the water itself. Like, Spring water tastes different from Aquafina.

Hunter Heeman- Um no, water does not taste the same at all.

Erin Houlihan- No, bottled water definitely tastes different.

Hannah Kline- Water doesn’t taste the same, in fact my favorite water is Aquafina.

Cameron Phelps- No, it doesn’t.

Crizabith Senatore- Dasani is my favorite water because it’s different, water doesn’t taste the same.

Trista Stone- Water does not taste the same.

Haley Tripp-  Yes, bottled water does taste the same.

Madison Welsted- I can’t really taste the difference.

Isaac Arzola Velez- Sometimes, I guess it depends on the bottle.

After interviewing people and hearing their responses, the majority seems to say that all bottled water does not taste the same.


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