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Do We Really Need the Fine Arts in Schools?

By: Delia Geyer/ Content Editor

Do we really need fine arts in schools?

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, a million times, yes. We need the fine arts in schools. All schools. There should be no disagreement about this, but there is. The fine arts are extremely important to the growth and development of students, while they also help to create well-rounded students who are able to enjoy things and connect with people.

You may think that learning an instrument, or knowing how to paint well are cool talents, or fun hobbies at most, but did you know that doing these things can actually strengthen your brain?

There are a number of reasons for the importance of the arts in schools. While the arts are especially great for enhancing creativity, and allowing people to express themselves, learning the fine arts is also a crucial player in brain development. Learning a fine art helps with learning in all academic areas. It helps develop fine motor skills and better team players. According to Bob Bryant from the Katy Independent School District, the arts are also effective in lowering the rate of school dropout.

So, how can something that might seem unnecessary to some people, have such a big impact on students?

Arts are proven to have a positive academic influence in areas far beyond the ones they specifically pertain to. According to PBS, “young people who participate regularly in the arts are four more times likely to be recognized for academic achievement.”

An example of how the arts impact students brains and affect their academic abilities is that in learning something like an instrument, the use of multiple components of the central brain and nervous system are involved.

Younger kids who learn to play instruments, or use crayons and paint brushes develop essential skills used for other activities that involve both fine and gross motor skills.

Learning an art helps students learn to focus, helps strengthen their memory and reading skills, be confident, be culturally aware, be held accountable, and develop the ability to collaborate.

Most importantly, the arts are a way to connect with people. When you have an orchestra or a dance class, you have a family. You have a place to get away and do something you enjoy. As you get older, and you’re no longer learning how to use your fingers and fine motor skills, the arts become about something else. You’re able to express yourself with something you’re good at, and something you enjoy doing.

The arts are not only for performing. They are for so much more than that. Most of all, they are for personal growth.

Whether it be drawing, painting, graphic design, wood-shop, theater, music, dance, or anything else, the arts are extremely important for a successful high school.


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