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Do Elementary Parties Still Exist?

By: Morgan Mansfield/Co-Editor in Chief

When you think about your fun memories in primary school, you probably remember all of the festive Halloween, Christmas, and Valentines’ Day parties with candy and cupcakes.  For many, those were their favorite memories from elementary.

Remembering their enjoyable times in elementary, many high schoolers were saddened when they heard a rumor that the elementary classrooms were no longer allowed to have holiday/birthday parties.

However, these rumors are not true.

According to the Blue Ridge Elementary Principal, Mrs. Danelle Decker, the classrooms are still going to have parties, but the students are not allowed to bring in food.  Instead of eating food, the birthday and other celebratory parties will consist of crafts and activities.

“The restrictions on the outside food coming in is based on the safety aspect of food allergies and exposing students to things that may potentially be harmful to them,” Decker explained.

The following excerpt addresses the guidelines for classrooms celebrations, and has been in the Elementary Newsletter since the first day of school.

BIRTHDAYS/CLASSROOM CELEBRATIONS: As a safety precaution, birthday and classroom celebrations will no longer include outside food items (candy, cupcakes, or other prepackaged items). These guidelines are being implemented to ensure that all students, including those with food allergies, are not exposed to any food items or ingredients that may be unsafe. On the first Friday of each month, during lunch periods, the cafeteria staff will be providing a birthday treat for all students while we recognize monthly birthdays. Individual student birthdays will still be recognized each day during morning announcements. If a student would like to pass out a small non-food item (ex. pencils, erasers) on their birthday or during a classroom celebration they will still be able to do so.

Although the content of the parties has been altered, the students will still have fun celebrating birthdays and holidays with their classmates.


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Morgan Mansfield
Morgan Mansfield
Morgan Mansfield is a third year journalism student, taking on her senior year of high school.  She spends most of her free time singing, playing, or writing music.  Fascinated by the human mind, Morgan plans to obtain a degree in Clinical Psychology and become a therapist to help people work through their troubles.
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