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Henke, and All That Jazz

By: Grace Graf/Co-Editor-In-Chief

Tiffani Henke, along with multiple other BR students, will be attending District 9 Vocal Jazz on March 30-31, 2023. Vocal jazz is a choral competition that divides student participants into two groups. Everyone who auditions is accepted to participate. Elite singers are put in group A; the rest fall into group B.

The 2023 event will be hosted by Mountain View High School. Students scheduled to attend will represent the following school districts: Mountain View, Abington Heights, Blue Ridge, Dallas, Forest City, and Elk Lake.

According to Henke this is different from normal chorus because everyone gets a microphone.

“This is just for jazz, so this means that everyone sings the same type of music and there’s not another genre of music involved.”

“We use microphones because, it’s a smaller group of people so they make it easier to hear everyone,” she says.

Henke is looking forward to “interacting with students from other schools and seeing the different talents from all over District Nine.”

This will be her second consecutive year attending this event.

“My favorite part from last year was singing a solo from ‘You Take Me Away,’ composed by Carol Welsman and John Acosta.”

Other Blue Ridge students scheduled to attend District 9 Vocal Jazz Festival include the following juniors: Ethan Ashley; Micah Edwards; Jocelyn Frantz; Ella Robinson; Calim Percario; Isaiah Torres and sophomore Janna Weed.

For more information related to district 9 vocal jazz and other related events visit

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Grace Graf
Grace Graf
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