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District Band and Chorus 2019

By: Kaelin Hughes/Junior Writer

The past couple of weeks have been pretty eventful for the music department at Blue Ridge. Two students went on their way to District Band, and eight students to District Chorus!

The District Band students left on January 23rd to Pittston Area High School to audition for Region Band before they practiced and prepared for their concert at the end of the festival. Sophomore Anthony Torres will be moving onto Region Band, and qualified for Orchestra from his audition for Districts!

When asked about his first experience at District Band, Torres enthusiastically explained that the festival was “Fantastic! The music was fantastic and completely different from what we play here at Blue Ridge daily, and it was an amazing experience to increase my music skills and abilities.”

The District Chorus students left on February 6th to Forest-City Regional High School to audition for Region Chorus, where they were tested on two songs of eight they were to prepare for the festival. Six of the eight students will go to Regions! Through the 7th and 8th, the students went to Lakeland High School to further rehearse before the concert on the 8th. 

The students seemed to take much pleasure out of their experience at District Chorus, Sophomore Mason Conklin especially. It was his first year at the festival and he was in awe about how a group of 160 students who don’t know each other can come together and prepare a wonderful concert so quickly. He was delighted to meet new people, and can’t wait for Regions!

These students seemed to enjoy their experiences at the recent festivals, whether it be about advancing their musical abilities or meeting new people, and are very excited to attend Regions in March! 


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