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Did Someone Say Ten Straight District Titles?

By: Abby Laude/ Senior Feature Editor

” Tradition doesn’t graduate,” – Blue Ridge Lady Raiders Volleyball

On November 1, 2023 the Blue Ridge Lady Raiders Volleyball team conquered their tenth straight district title.

This achievement initially started in 2014 and has carried it’s way through to the 2024 season.

The Lady Raiders faced off against the Lady Eagles of Mountain View in a battle-filled game. Although it was a tough fight, they came away with a win and another district title.

The Lady Raiders are coached by Lori Baker Zick and Katherine Heeman. Ironically, Heeman is a former Blue Ridge volleyball player who was coached by Zick.

Heeman spoke about how it felt to be a player for the team when she was in high school (she graduated in 2015) and how it feels to be part of the coaching staff now.

“Coach Zick’s first season at BR was my freshman year. I remember making it a goal to be district champions by my senior year–and coach helped us make that happen. Ten years of championships is something so special and earning medals as a player and a coach is so cool.”

Coach Zick commented on the team’s success and said, “I am super proud of the work that has been put in by all the players over the last ten years to keep this streak alive. It is an amazing feeling to say that we have won ten championships in a row.”

Students and teacher support is evident. Blue Ridge school supports the volleyball team by facilitating a send off through the hallway when they go to states, and students have even requested a fan bus to travel to district and state games.

One teacher that frequently supports the volleyball team is Beth Vaccaro.

She says, “Watching our Blue Ridge girls work together just makes me happy. I want my students to know I see them as far more than students – they are rock stars!”

Below are the teams that have kept this title alive:

2014 Lady Raiders x1 District Title
2015 Lady Raiders x2 District Title
2016 Lady Raiders x3 District Title
2017 Lady Raiders x4 District Title
2018 Lady Raiders x5 District Title
2019 Lady Raiders x6 District Title
2020 Lady Raiders x7 District Title
2021 Lady Raiders x8 District Title
2022 Lady Raiders x9 District Title
2023 Lady Raiders x10 District Title

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Abby Laude
Abby Laude
Abby Laude is heading into her senior year which makes her a 2024 graduate. She is apart of Prom Committee, National Honors Society, and SADD. She is also on the varsity softball team where she spends most of her time. Her future plans consist of going to college to obtain a bachelor's degree in Human Services, but she is unsure of what job to specifically pursue. Outside of school, Abby likes to camp, shop, and hang out with family. 
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