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Dawn Crook the Great

By: Luke Updyke/Photojournalist

Recently, things have been ramping up in terms of confusion on our online platforms here at Blue Ridge. Whether it be the layout/format of the school website, or the format of our school’s app, people have been becoming more or less flustered when trying to navigate through them. With Mr. Stewart busy running around working on computers and other technological equipment, and Mr. Fenton running around just the same, it is easy to see how managing our online platforms could prove to be difficult.

Enter: Dawn Crook

Copyright 2017 Luke Updyke
Above: Crook working on a computer application

Through her many platforms of online/software tech. experience and internal drive to push things to their best capabilities, has come a smooth running app, and well-designed school website. The new formatting uses space efficiently, and includes easy-to-use tabs. If you have found yourself confused or stretching quite a bit to find what you need online, conflicts should now be able to be put to ease, and the stresses can fade away. All of the above has happened just within about a week, so the best is surely yet to come.

Crook says that she will, “continue to consistently upgrade our online systems as she is able to, and plans to keep improving all that she can.”

Such words of confidence display how capable and willing she is to get things going for all. In terms of trust, Blue Ridge stands behind her through all she plans to improve and upgrade in order for us to learn, achieve greater academic performance and strive for the better.


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