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Dalton Rutter on Expectations for the Blue Ridge Boys Basketball

Last year the boys basketball team had a very solid year, finishing 14-8 for the season. It was Wes Parks first year of coaching and he did a pretty solid job.

For this upcoming season, starting November 18, 2022, the Raiders look to win the league and win the district championship. I asked two of the returning players J.J. Rosa and Timmy Higgins what their expectations for this year.

Rosa says, ” Expectations are really high. I feel like we can do better than last year.

Higgins believes that the Raiders’ teamwork is key to their past and future success.

“I believe we have a good group of guys who have the potential to work together and have one of the best years in Blue Ridge basketball history.”

I asked the MVP of Lackawanna League District 2, Division 4, Connor Cranage,  the same question. He says, “We hope to have the first League and District Chip [championship] in school history and have multiple people score 300 plus points.”

Another aspect that has helped the Raiders in the past is the audience, especially their student section. 

Junior basketball fan Noah Martin says he expects to see great basketball this year.

“Dubz [a win], I expect a lot of hard work and action this season, I don’t want to be cheering for a team that is boring. I also expect them to make it very far and I will be there every step of the way,” says Martin.

You can see the BR Raiders varsity boys basketball schedule here:



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Dalton Rutter
Dalton Rutter
Dalton is a Blue Ridge High senior and athlete who plays golf, basketball, and baseball. He loves to eat and likes to hang with his friends.
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