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Dairy Farming: Miss Brown’s Class

By: Carissa Zawiski/Sophomore Writer

On December 20th Ms. Katie Brown had two Dairy Princesses, Brooke Marvin and Mary Catherine, along with two Dairy Ambassadors, Elizabeth Chidester and Courtney Marvin, explain to her class the dairy cows’ daily diet. Brown adopted a class cow, named Evie, that she gets updates on weekly.

The girls brought a jeopardy styled game with questions about dairy farming. Before playing the game, they passed around a couple of different items that dairy cows are fed.

Photo of Jeopardy Board Game, taken by Carissa Zawiski

Corn Silage is what a calf can eat in its first week of being born.

Photo of Corn Silage, taken by Peyton Gelinger

The calf milk replacer is the closest thing to baby formula. Mixed with water, it provides the newborn calf with nutrition so it can grow healthy.

Photo of Calf Milk Replacer, taken by Peyton Gelinger

Other items that were brought in were regular feed such as hay, grain, silage, and proteins. After talking about dairy cows and farming, the class had an ice cream sundae party.

Photo Taken by Brooke Marvin

In the end, students learned a lot more about dairy farming, and even had a fun time while learning! Ms. Brown and her students appreciated having the girls come in and would enjoy it if they came back soon.


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