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Covid-19 Vaccine or Not?

By: Breanna Derrick /Junior Writer

As everyone may know, the new Covid-19 vaccine has been released. Multiple people are getting it, while others are still very skeptical. People who are not considered essential workers have gotten the vaccine for multiple different reasons. For one reason, to get the whole ordeal (contact tracing, quarantining, wearing masks, social distancing, small gatherings) just over and done with in hopes of getting back to the way life was in 2019. Another reason being that people just want to protect themselves from the virus. As for others, people and students have raised a cause for concern about how little this vaccine has actually been studied. A few students have spoken out about getting the vaccine.

“Yes, I got the Covid-19 vaccine. I think it’s a step in the right direction.” says junior Dylan McGee.

Another student, freshman Connor Sauer, saying “I feel that the vaccine is a good idea and I’m getting it because I believe it works to prevent Covid.”

On the other side, a student shared why she will not going to be getting a vaccination and her concerns about it. “I did not get the Covid-19 vaccine because I’m not comfortable with how new it is and the side effects to it and future issues that could come.” stated senior Alexia Stone.

Another senior Garrett Conklin added to that statement and stated, “I’m not getting the vaccine for a couple different reasons. My parents didn’t really feel comfortable with me getting it, and I just feel like it’s really new still and we really don’t know the side effects yet to come”.

Overall the choice is in your hands. What are you going to do?


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