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County Chorus

By: Tori Auckland/A&E Editor

County Chorus took place this past Wednesday, November 13th. Students went with Ms. Z to improve their abilities. They left the school in the morning and worked into the late evening to perform a concert.

Students were placed into a choir with many others from around the county, allowing them the opportunity to sing with new people, and have an improved choir filled with talented people. They were given the music ahead of time, and some even practiced it so they felt ready.

During the day, the students rehearsed with a director to improve themselves and make it the best that it can be. The choir director that they are given helps them make it a great concert. They focus on the tone of one’s voice, the notes they are singing, and how to blend with the other members of the chorus.

After a long day filled with singing, fun, and new friendships, they put on a concert to show off all of their hard work. Families and friends come to watch these well rehearsed performances take place.

Below is a list of all of the Blue Ridge middle and high school students who participated in County Chorus 2019:

Sopranos– Stephanie Smith, Grace Graf, Jordan Wiegand, Katherine Noonan, Kassidy Delaney, Janna Weed, Erin Klock, Alanna Thornton, Patience Luce, Joelle Otasevic, and Mary Slater.

Altos– Tiffani Henke, Clara Allen, Hanna Snedaker, Hannah McCarthy, Emma Piechocki, Hope Treadway, Isabella Shea, Piper Jo Tripp, Cheyenne Kohlhepp Smith, Jocelyn Frantz, and Ella Robinson.

Tenors– Duncan Geyer, Griffin Whitehead, Logan Mann, and Spencer Renwick.

Basses– Tony Dissinger, Mason Conklin, Mason Kays, Tommy Gibson, and Jack Donahue.


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