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County Band!

By: Tori Auckland/A&E Editor

This year’s county band was held at Lackawanna Trail on Wednesday, November 6th. There was a bus full of Blue Ridge students who attended, accompanied by Middle and High School band director Mr. Vincent LoRusso. They arrived Wednesday morning and were not done until the late evening, with the concert ending around 7:30.

At the festival, they were part of a concert band with students from other high schools in the county, and were able to learn more about improving their skills. LoRusso conducted the senior high band, while Mrs. Bennichi, Montrose band Director, took individual sections out and helped them with certain parts of the songs. After all of their hard work, they put on a concert for their family and friends.

Junior Ryan Glatzel attended the event and says, “It was an interesting experience, and overall I had a good time throughout the day. I learned to improve myself musically, it’s an experience I will never forget. My favorite part would have been the concert at the end of the day, making friends, and when all the Blue Ridge students started playing ‘duck, duck, goose’ and got weird stares from the other schools.”

Madison Swisher also had a great day at County Band. Madison learned “a lot about blending techniques and how to make the band sound better together.” Her favorite part about the day was, “When I found out the song that we were doing had a trumpet solo, that was given to me, and Mr. Lorusso ended up cutting it.”

All in all the students had a good day and leaned more about effectively playing in a band!

Photo taken by Marilyn Torres
Photo taken by Ryan Armitage

All of the students who participated in County Band are listed below:

KayLeen Conklin- Flute, Ashley Tomassacci- Flute, Anthony Torres- French Horn, Madsion Swisher- Trumpet, Holly Geyer-Trumpet, Ryan Glatzel- Trumpet,  Liberty Graves- Alto Sax, Madison Carpenter- Alto Sax, Brandon Gentile- Baritone Sax, Mikayla Starbuck- Bass Clarinet, Sierra Bross- Bass Clarinet, Olivia Cowell- Clarinet, Marissa Derrick- Clarinet, Clay Repella- Percussion, Zander Daley- Percussion, Jake Birch- Percussion, Malaki Upright- Tenor Sax, Carl Potter- Trombone, Gerald Welsted- Tuba, Gunner Wenzl- Tuba, Breanna Graves- Clarinet


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