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Construction Work

By: Peyton Gelinger/Sophomore Writer

If you’ve driven up to Blue Ridge School recently, you may have noticed that the parking lot is currently under construction. The plan is to expand the parking space and make it more functional through two phases of construction. They hope to finish construction by next school year.

When asking Mr. Brian Lewis what the plan is for the project, he answered, “They plan on expanding the parking lot for better and wider access for buses, and some additional spots for parking.”

The new spaces for the parking lot will be added below the bottom of the Elementary playground area.

Superintendent Mr. Matthew Button explained that with the new construction, there would be better traffic flow below the playground area, where there is currently a small portion of land. However, during the duration of the project the traffic situations may be chaotic, and parking for staff and student drivers will be tight. Button stated, “There will have to be accommodations and hopefully everyone will bear with us through the process.”

During phase one, which had started on October 24th, the morning buses will be dropping off all students off at the middle/high school entrance. For all students being driven by their parents, they are to be dropped off at the upper Elementary playground. There are no anticipated plans to have any changes to the dismissal process. For the duration of the project, the elementary children are being dropped off at the high school with the rest of the kids on the bus, and they walk upstairs to the cafeteria. It was an adjustment because their routine had changed from walking off the bus straight into to the cafeteria, but they adjusted well, Elementary Principal Ms. Danelle Decker said.

Phase two will start in the spring of 2019. We will have to wait until it gets closer to phase two to know whether or not we will have to experience more accommodations to the morning traffic. “It’s a good project and one we needed and will be a good thing once it was finished up” stated Decker.


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Peyton Gelinger
Peyton Gelinger
Peyton Gelinger is a senior in High School. She is a player for the blue ridge Lady raiders varsity  volleyball team and a competitive dancer. When she is not busy doing her school work along with sports Peyton loves to spend time with her family and friends. She planes to attend college to major is Sociology / Human services At Indiana University Of Pennsylvania. 
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