Sunday, September 26, 2021

Computer Science For the Future

By: Dylan Stone/Sophomore Writer

I’m pretty sure everyone has, at one point or another, seen the elective of Computer Science on the course selection sheet and said to themselves, “Nah, that sounds lame.” I can’t say I haven’t had the same thought, but I eventually got to wondering, “What do they actually do in that class, anyway?” So, I decided to take a little trip down to Mr. Sokoloski’s to ask him and some of his students what they were doing, and how it could help them out in the future. When I searched “Computer Science jobs” on  Google, it gave me a handful of jobs that had to do with web design and computer programming, which set up many of the websites you use every day to handle tasks for you, such as designing sites including Wikipedia, Google, and many other big websites and search engines.

I asked Tyler Six, who has been in three computer science classes over the course of the years, a few questions to see his stance on how computer science benefits him, as well as how he likes it.

Q: “What are some things from this class that can help you out in the real world? Also, do you think you’d like it in the future?”

A: “Potentially a future job; like a ‘Scrum Master‘. Yes, I do think I’d enjoy doing this in the future.”

Q: “How do you like this kind of work?”

A: “It can be repetitive but sometimes it’s nice.”

Q: “Do you recommend Computer Science to everyone?”

A: “No, I believe anybody that is really interested in computers, are the people that would enjoy it the most and in general.”

Q: “Do you have a specific teaching style you’ve liked more than others?”

A: “I like when there are creative projects and a fun presentation.”

After speaking to Tyler, I realized that there are many more jobs than I had even imagined in the field of computer science. I mean, who’s ever heard of a “scrum master”? Many of the jobs in the Computer Science field are overlooked, therefore, more people are needed to fill the job slots. I believe that students who are interested in anything to do with coding or computers in general, should take the time to check out Computer Science. Who knows, you just might end up getting a job as a scrum master.

Kimberly Davenport
Kimberly Davenport grew up in Montrose, Pennsylvania. She currently teaches English and digital journalism at Blue Ridge High School, and is the adviser for the school's online newspaper, the Raider Reader. Kimberly loves traveling, spending time with her family (especially her grandchildren), and can often be found reading a good book.


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