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Community Pulls Together During Worldwide Pandemic

By: Christie Baldwin/Senior Writer

The world has been struck by a fatal virus known as COVID-19, or the Coronavirus, which was believed to have started in Wuhan. This has impacted the way schooling is being handled, also causing many workers to lose their jobs and need to file for unemployment.

One problem that has occurred is supplies being limited due to too many people buying in bulk (examples: toilet paper, hand sanitizer, or facial masks, ect.) in fear of not having an enough products, so they can avoid leaving their house for as long as possible.

Many people in our community have played a tremendous part in trying to help other people to help stop the spread so we can return back to “normal life.”

Jesse Robbins is a seventh grader at Blue Ridge, and his mother Diann Robbins has made many masks for healthcare workers. Robbins has donated the masks that she has made to help with the lack of masks within the healthcare field.

Kirk Hinkley has prepared some of the land behind the old ACME building in hopes that people will use it as a “community garden;” anyone is allowed to plant what they wish, but also need to share with their “garden neighbors.”

The Blue Ridge Cafeteria staff has been preparing meals for pick up for students to have lunches daily. Many pick up spots include the Jackson Baptist Church, Blue Ridge SD, Great Bend, Hallstead, and New Milford Fire Halls.

Armetta’s Pizzeria & Pub has been offering families that have lost their jobs due to the current circumstances a complementary pizza.

Blue Stone Pizzeria has offered students 15 years old and younger, two free slices of sheet pizza and a soda or water on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Many local grocery stores have reserved earlier shopping times for the elderly and immune compromised individuals.

In conclusion, these small businesses and kind-hearted individuals realize that they play a huge part in our community and we are all united throughout this troubling time.


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