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Community Art Center

By: Milia Stilloe/Sophomore Writer

This year, Mrs. Camburn was inspired by an online art education website to create a community art center for Blue Ridge. Located right next to the art room, she set aside a cabinet filled with useful art supplies for all. The rules are that you have to sign out what you’re using and sign the supplies back in. Also, if paint was used, the brushes and trays must be washed off before returning the supplies. Finally, be respectful! Mrs. Camburn takes the time out of her day to stock the supplies that aren’t used much in the classroom, or extra supplies, for the art cabinet. There are many different supplies, including paint, paper, markers, crayons, oil paints and more. If you’re in need of supplies for art projects, school projects, or are simply an art lover, make sure to stop by the cabinet to grab some materials!


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Milia Stilloe
Milia Stilloe
Milia Stilloe is a first year sophomore journalism writer. She participates in school volleyball and travel volleyball. She also is in multiple clubs and enjoys playing outside with her friends and family in her free time.
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