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College and Career Cafe

By: Ben Marble and Mirella Annesi/Sophomore Writers

This month’s event held by the guidance office was a Monthly College and Career Cafe event. This event was held on September 11, 2019 from 11:30 to 12pm. For students to participate in this event, they had to sign up in advance. The college and career cafe had information about jobs ranging from Natural Gas to Zoology.

Some personal favorites were the Binghamton Zoo and the Town and Country Veterinary Service. The Binghamton Zoo brought a 120 year old armadillo named Army which stole the show from most of the other company booths.

Here are some companies that attended the Career Café:

Summit Ridge Farms: Summit Ridge Farms was created to serve the pet food industry and to provide research services for nutritional testing. They employ specially trained individuals such as vets, vet techs, study coordinators, technicians and cleaners.

Top Notch Tree Removal Service: They provide controlled tree removal services to Northeastern Pennsylvania designed to increase safety, productivity, and efficiency. They also specialize in pruning, stump grinding, plant health care, and emergency tree removal.

PennDot: PennDOT is a customer-driven service organization responsible for the planning, design, construction, and maintenance of Pennsylvania’s multimodal transportation system.

Game Commission: Pennsylvania Game Commission (PGC) manages birds and mammals for current and future generations. In 2007 they managed 467 species across the state. There are five main types of jobs available: law enforcement, biologists, forestry, habitat improvement, and management staff. All of these jobs are available throughout the state.

We asked people who attended what they thought about their experience. We interviewed Kendra Brant and asked her what she liked about it, and if she thought we should continue to do them monthly or if we should do them quarterly, she replied, “I liked that there were multiple fields to choose from, and I think we should continue to do them every month.” Bruce Sumba, a freshman said, “I believe that there should be one every month so everyone can have an opportunity to the learn the careers they want in the future.”

Overall, the College and Career Cafe was a success and people hope to see another one in the future.


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