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College Acceptance: The Waiting Game

By: Luke Updyke/Photojournalist

When it comes to applying to colleges, most people know stress is pretty inevitable. Papers upon papers, websites upon websites and forms upon forms later, you are finally done with the seemingly endless application process.

Now comes the w a i t.

Some say this is the real fight- and most people believe them. You have worked day in and day out, done countless homework assignments, taken hundreds of tests and studied long hours for this very moment. How the next few steps play out determine your near future. Alas, worry not. While it may be nerve-wracking, there are definitely things you can do to help cope with the space of time that is the “unknown.”

First, take a look at your personal academic standings in comparison to the “averages” of the current students attending your said college. Most schools will send their mean academic performance scores in an invitation letter or commercial brochure. See if you line up with the scores. This can give you quite a big sense of confidence in your current admittance stance. If your scores are below the average, you still shouldn’t worry, as an average is an average. Students are still accepted below the average scores, so do not sweat it.

Another thing you can do is talk about your nervousness of college acceptance to a guidance counselor and they can review your situation on a more in-depth level, and let you know what is really up. They can also give you some tips and tricks and maybe even answer some of those not quite easy to understand questions.

While it may be a concerning time in your life, trust the process. Think about how far you have come already, and take comfort in knowing what you’re capable of. You are almost there, just keep pushing!


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