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Class Trip of 2018… The Best Yet

By: Luke Updyke/Photojournalist

While the title may seem boastful, the senior class of 2018 believes that its class trip plan is the “best yet.”

Towering over the Outer Banks of North Carolina are three mansions, with lush landscaping, over 40 rooms in total and a private beachfront. This is where the class of 2018 will spend their senior trip. Private surfing lessons will be made available to all interested, and several planned tours/field trips will be sure to excite. From cave tours to a concert, it will be hard to leave this class trip not having enjoyed something.

Constructing plans for an idea as large scale as this has certainly been no small feat. Blue Ridge’s band director/class of 2018 advisor, Vincent LoRusso has been putting plans together for months already.

LoRusso says that he is “looking forward to taking the group to a warm-water destination with a lot of very unique sight-seeing destinations.”

Courtesy of Carolina Shores

Such speech may cause high expectations, but for good reason-and students can rest assured that such expectations will be met… and then some. The trip is scheduled to take place starting Memorial Day (May 28th, 2018), until June 2nd. As the time to have fun in the sun grows closer, so does the anticipation.

With such a close beachfront comes the ability to sunbathe and relax, or play volleyball and hype your friends up. You can decide what you want to do without the stress of strict plans. A record number of students have signed up for the trip since the last 10 years, so we are getting ready for an amazing time! Students can expect good times, tan lines, and memories.


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