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Cinderella Follow-up

By:Delia Geyer/ Freshman Writer

On April 25th and 26th the Blue Ridge High School and Middle School performed Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella. More than 500 people were in the audience for both shows– a success for BR’s Theatre Department.


The student performances produced a positive response from the audience which began to clap spontaneously on Sunday during Cinderella’s dress transformation as she seemed to magically change from a plainly dressed housemaid to an elegant belle of the ball in an instant.


Senior Julia Stanley who played the part of Cinderella said, “The dress transformation was one of my favorite scenes.”


Mrs. Jennifer Parsons, the head of costume design said, “The convertible dress was one of her favorite parts, and it was a challenge to change from rags to a ball gown on stage.”


Parsons said her personal favorite was the horses that she had to make entirely from scratch, with the help of the costume assistants, Jubilee Delgado, Li Ling Lee, and Sequoia Marriott.


Parsons also said that they were lucky to be able to purchase many of the costumes this year.


Stanley, who has been in at least “16 or 17” BR Theatre Department productions during her high school years, also said that being Cinderella was one of her favorite parts.


“The character is a bit one-dimensional, but I really enjoyed being Cinderella–and I loved the music.”


Stanley stated that she has been participating in theatre since she was in 6th grade.


Twelfth grade English teacher Rebecca Williams said the students in Cinderella showed great talent, “Faith Galu-Edgar who played the fairy godmother really shined–her voice is just beautiful. And, Julia Stanley was amazing. She never once stepped out of character. She really portrayed the sweetness of Cinderella.”


“From curtain to curtain Blue Ridge Theatre Department’s Cinderella was a joyful experience!  I sat near some young children whose awe at the fairy Godmother, the pumpkin coach, and Cinderella’s ballgown transformation was delightful.  I was particularly proud of my seniors whose talents in all areas of production were outstanding from lighting, sound, set design, and backstage work to their pitch perfect voices and choreographed feet!  Those who were privileged to see this production will never question the importance of the arts in education,” said Williams.


No theater production succeeds without the people behind the stage. More than XXX BR students worked to make the musical a success.


Senior Kristine Carlsen who worked on scenery said that she really enjoyed being part of the production. “I danced backstage during the musical. It was a lot of fun.”


Carlsen said, “I like the carriage. When you see it come across the stage all lit up with the whole theatre dark it’s really impressive.”


Mr. Conigliaro, the Blue Ridge High School Assistant Principal added, “I enjoyed the play. I have never been disappointed in one of our Blue Ridge plays. Our students, Miss Z, the community members, band, the sets, and the volunteers always make us proud.”


Nicole Swisher, a member of the production said, “Being in the musical was exciting.”


Chorus member Lauren Canfield said, “You had to work for it.”


Senior, Gabby Button, who has helped with five school productions and will be studying theatre design and technology at Binghamton University next fall said, “It was the best show I’ve ever been apart of.” and “It was the first time we’ve had real sets. We had a monetary anonymous grant for the 2nd year in a row. The theatre department is getting better with every show.”


Button said her uncle, Dave Brassard helped with the lighting productions, and that there was a whole new touch screen board in the lighting booth. She said, “The lighting was particularly important to this musical because it set the moods that we wanted to create.”


Button said one of her favorite parts was Julia and Faith’s (Cinderella and the Fairy GodMother) duet.


“The sets were built with real wood”, said Button. “Lots of people helped.” Button, Ms. Zakarauskas, David Miller, and Skylar and Rick Secord were some of them.

Bella Montague
“I’m going to miss that Cinderella.” said Bella Montague, when her mother asked why she was upset.

Mrs. Michelle Montague said that her four year old daughter Bella, was extremely excited to go see the play, and “That was all she talked about when she got home.”


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