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Christmas Snacks

By: Courtney Marvin/ Sophomore Editor

What is your favorite Christmas snack to eat? I have gone around asking people what their favorite snack is. Personally, my favorite is peanut butter blossoms. There are so many different types of snacks. There are sugar cookies, cup cakes, cakes, and different types of candy canes. There are also Christmas drinks like hot cocoa. Christmas is the time of year to bake and cook everything. Sugar cookies are fun to make with family because you can cut them out into different shapes like Santa, candy canes, Christmas trees, and angels. Candy canes can also be fun to buy because they come in so many different flavors like blue raspberry, sour, green apple, and original. You can make mint hot cocoa by putting a candy cane in it. Some people like to make the snacks more than they like to eat them. Some snacks are very hard to make and they take a lot of time to make; others are quick and easy. If you have younger siblings they might want to bake with you and your family. Baking can be stressful for some people, but for others it’s a way to relax. Christmas snacks are fun to make and decorate. Sugar cookies are the easiest to decorate especially when they are cut out in shapes. You can make different color frostings to make the cookies look really festive. Will you be making any of these Christmas snacks this year?


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Courtney Marvin
Courtney Marvin
Courtney Marvin is a sophomore at Blue Ridge High School. She enjoys doing football cheer and Basketball cheer. This is her first year in journalism. She is very energetic and creative.
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