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Christmas plans during Covid-19

By: Trista Stone/Junior Writer

Christmas plans for families this year are going to be very different in their ways due to COVID-19. I have asked two students (boy,girl) per grade to see what there plans are for 2020 Christmas holiday!

What are your Christmas plans during the pandemic?

(Freshman Girl) Madison Makosky“I am spending Christmas with my dad, my brother, step mom, and possibly my mom. I’m not having a big Christmas family gathering because some of my family are at high risk of COVID-19.”

(Freshman Boy) Aiden Glasgow- “My Christmas plans during the pandemic is to try and see family in the area. My parents found a cabin that they’re renting for a week so we can spend some time together, eat some cookies for sure! Especially the raspberry filled ones.”

(Sophomore Girl) Breanna Paterno “My plans for our Christmas with the pandemic is to mostly just stay confined on our hill. My grandma and aunt live on our hill too but that’s it. So we’ll see them and get together and exchange gifts for our Christmas.”

(Sophomore Boy) James Barbour“Christmas this year is going to be different not seeing all my family.”

(Junior Girl) Cadence Lusk“My family is just having a dinner Christmas night and we are going to my grandma’s Christmas eve but not everyone will be there due to the pandemic.”

(Junior Boy) Jesse Delousia“I’m going to the Adirondack where my grandparents live to snow mobile and ski, also might go to West Virginia where my best friend moved to surprise him!”

(Senior Girl) Marissa Derrick “We usually do just a small family Christmas, but since I was quarantined for Thanksgiving, my aunt couldn’t come see us and so we’re shooting for her to come down for a week for Christmas since we only get to see her 2x a year.”

(Senior Boy) Ryan Glatzel“Not much, probably just doing the basic Christmas stuff; opening presents, and eating dinner with my close family.”

What is your main gift that you are asking for?

(Freshman Girl) Madison Makosky- “My main gift that i’m asking for is a new TV.”

(Freshman Boy) Aiden Glasgow- “My main gift is a pair of Ugg’s which I’ve been told are very comfortable!”

(Sophomore Girl) Breanna Paterno– “The main gift I asked for were just clothes; I didn’t really ask for anything big.”

(Sophomore Boy) James Barbour– “My main thing I asked for is just money.”

(Junior Girl) Cadence Lusk– “I already got my main gift which was a car!”

(Junior Boy) Jesse Delousia– “For Christmas I’m hoping for either a Xbox X, New Jordan’s, a Big TV, or Clothes.”

(Senior Girl) Marissa Derrick– “The main gift(s) I asked for this year was for remote start for my car and new windshield wipers.”

(Senior Boy) Ryan Glatzel– “The main  gift(s) I asked for were cleaning supplies and new essentials for my car (and maybe a new car:/ ).”

Overall, students seem to be consisting with close family for the Holiday or not doing much at all!

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Trista Stone
Trista Stone is a senior in her second year of journalism. Trista participates in softball and basketball cheerleading. She plans to attend college after graduation to become an occupational therapist! In her free time she likes to hangout with friends and go shopping:)


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