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Christmas Basketball Tournament

By: Matt Loby / Sophomore Writer

This year’s Christmas basketball tournament was held at the Raider Dome and it was energetic. The student section was electric Thursday night as the Blue Ridge Boys Basketball team faced off against the boys Elk Lake Warriors. The game started off strong with Blue Ridge leading the first quarter, while Elk Lake struggled to take the lead as they trailed behind the entire first half. The BR student section did not stop cheering for their team right up until the last seconds of the first half.

Morgan Thomas taking a foul shot              photo taken by Emma Davis

After halftime the game starts back up for the 3rd quarter. Blue Ridge was putting up points slowly but Elk Lake was coming back fast by putting up quick three pointers and tough two pointers. As the Warriors were pushing up on the Raiders Carson Gallagher was putting threes in the net. Carson Gallagher went 5 for 8 outside the three point line ending the night with 21 points. Connor Cranage was also a big help in tossing up layups and with one dunk closing out with 20 points.

Elk Lake couldn’t keep up with the pace the Raiders were keeping and fell down 13 points ending the game 66 – 53. Their confidence and toughness got them the 2023 Christmas Tournament trophy.

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Matt Loby
Matt Loby
Matt Loby is a sophomore at Blue Ridge High School. His hobbies include being outside working or riding my dirtbike, he hates being bored and likes being challenged. Matt likes listening to music, different music genres such as new country, new rap, old country, old rap. All the good stuff. He hopes to pursue motorsport racing or go to college for business or engineering.
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