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Changes Coming to Cafeteria – Starting 2020-21

By: Elliot Maginely/Senior Writer

It is very common for children in school to feel some sort of stress. Homework, getting good grades, bullying, and peer pressure are all common reasons for stress in school. But what about always having to need money for school breakfast and lunches? Yes, since on average, families with two or three children that are enrolled in school pay $50 for school-provided meals per week! Our Food Service Director Linda Cole-Koloski brought this huge opportunity to our school board, and they approved a new program! What is this program?

The program is called the Community Eligibility Program (CEP), which is the provision of the Health and Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010. The program allows schools with high poverty rates to provide free breakfast and lunch to ALL students in high school. CEP has a four-year cycle meaning school districts can resupply funds every four years. The advantages of this program have massive benefits for everyone, including our school district. The students have free meals at school reduces the stress of not having funds in their accounts at lunchtime which will improve nutrition, increasing academic performance. This is not only beneficial to students but, also to families by reducing financial stress. Families of two to three children spend approximately $1,182 per school year on breakfast and lunch.

Lastly, the district will decrease labor and paperwork needs, which will be contributing to a positive learning environment and positive public relations with the community. This is an incredible opportunity for our school with so many more benefits not even discovered yet.


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