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Changes Can Be Rough, It’s Okay.

By: Kaelin Hughes/Content Editor

Changes in life are inevitable, but some of them start to hit us harder when we face the latter half of our high school careers.  Ideas of where to attend college and what career we want to pursue dangle above our heads and form like a sudden change in the weather, starting to cloud our thoughts and inevitably create a thunderstorm in our minds.

It seems like yesterday we were worrying about the toys we played with; now we’re worrying about the rest of our lives.

With the final years of high school approaching us, the conversations we have with adults shift to focus on the years ahead of us.  It always seems to be about what your future plans entail, what college(s) you’re thinking about, what you want to major in, if you’ll even go to college, and what you’ll do in place of college.  Do those changes make you feel good or excited, or do they make you feel queasy, scared, and maybe even give you a headache? 

Do.  Not.  Worry.  You are NOT alone when it comes to this.  Two of the six common triggers of stress in teens, according to Psycom, are academics and significant life change stress.  The pressure to be successful in life seems to possess our bodies, haunting our thoughts and causing to act in many ways.  Unhealthy ways to act on this kind of stress would be to dwell on it too much, which can lead to us being hard on ourselves when it comes to our school work, our jobs to make enough money to cover some costs of college, or for decisions to not further our education.  

You should NOT feel bad for the decisions you make for your future if you have a clear understanding of those decisions and the implications of them.  Don’t feel pressured to follow a specific path just because others are encouraging you to follow it.  Do not let the pressure of going to a university consume your thoughts; it’s completely fine to go to a community college, a trade school, or no college at all.

We are capable of writing our own stories of our lives, and making them all the same would be boring.  Be you!


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