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Cellphone Users and Warnings

By: Carlissia Mayancela/Junior Writer

Blue Ridge has many rules to eliminate distraction from school work. One rule is that phones must be put away and on silent in lockers. Although this has been a rule for some time, in years passed, students were typically given a second chance if they were caught with their phones, but not any more.

Blue Ridge High School principal, Casey Webster says: “I have been nice and given warnings up until this year, but students just took advantage, so we did away with warnings.”

Now when students are caught with their phones they are written up and their phone is taken for ten days.

The reason, says Webster, is that “students weren’t following the expectations and I was done wasting so much time on phones.”

Furthermore, she says, “I talked to many parents this year and the number one complaint was letting students have phones in school.”

“This rule will help students focus better and that teachers don’t have to waste time watching the students for phones.”

Teachers seem happy with Webster’s decision.

History teacher Greg Bitner thinks that this rule being enforced is a “great idea.”

“Overall it is a positive change and that anytime there is less social media, it can only be a good thing. But, it’s only effective if all teachers, including myself, are enforcing it.”


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Carlissia Mayancela
Carlissia Mayancela
Carlissia Mayancela is a Junior at Blue Ridge High School. She is in two clubs. During her free time she will listen to music. She also likes to spend time with family in her free time. 
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