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Cell Phone Policy is Back

By: Faith Parkhurst/Junior Writer 

The cell phone policy back at Blue Ridge in both the middle and high school. Many teachers are saying they would like their students to keep their phones in their locker or the cell phone holders provided in the classrooms.

The purpose of this rule is to get as many distractions away from students as much as possible, to keep students focus on school work, and to keep social media out of the classroom.

In an interview with Mr. Deck, the Student Resource Officer(SRO),  he had stated “The policy hasn’t changed. Students are still allowed to use their phones between classes and during lunch. However, if a student is supposed to be in class they can get in trouble for bringing their phones in the hallways. As for the cell phone holder, while all teachers have them and last year it was a rule, this year with COVID making things difficult to thoroughly clean, it is now up to teachers on whether or not they make their students use them. Also if a student needs to make an emergency text to someone that’s fine, as long as they ask their teacher first and that teacher is ok with it.”

If you want to know more information about the Blue Ridge Middle/High School cell phone policy you can visit the link here


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Faith Parkhurst
Faith Parkhurst
Faith Parkhurst is a Blue Ridge junior and first year journalism student. Faith is an avid baker who hopes to own her own bakery some day. In her spare time, Faith enjoins all types of art, especially drawing. Faith wishes to pursue a carrier in nursing as either a labor and delivery or NICU nurse. She loves animals and also hopes to have a small homestead with various livestock.
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