Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Snow White

This fall Blue Ridge High School is presenting the Production of Snow White The Play By Tim Kelly. The cast has around 32 members....

Senior Feature: Noah Guzy

By: Breanna Derrick/ Content and News Manager When Noah Guzy came into his senior year of high school he decided on not going to college...
Mary Clinton

In Memory of Mary Clinton

The Faculty and Staff at Blue Ridge School District would like to pay respect to Mary Clinton and her family. The former employee, and...

Sport Feature: Isaiah Rosa

Courtney Marvin/ Sophomore Writer  Isaiah Rosa is a senior at Blue Ridge High School. He starting playing sports when he was four years old. His...

Senior Feature: Breanna Derrick

By: Isaiah Rosa/ Senior Writer Quote: This is all a moo point- Joey from FRIENDS  As Breanna’s High School career is dwindling to an end she...

Senior Feature:Lillian Bleck

By: Breanna Derrick/ Content and News Manager Quote- “The difference between successful people and others is how long they spend feeling sorry for themselves.” -Barbara...
photo taken by @franckinjapan

No More Wifi?!?

By: Alisa Dauro/ Senior writer and Siara Gennarelli/ Junior writer Have you ever walked into your school on the first day and were so excited...

Back To School

By: Courtney Marvin/ Sophomore Writer For students the 2020-2021 school year was really rough, although no rules were pushed everything was very confusing during school,...

Anonymous Tip Form

By: Breanna Derrick/ Content and News Manager Have you ever felt the need to report a classmate or friend for something you felt is necessary...

Senior Destinations 2021

By: Ryan Glatzel/Senior Editor