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Can The Pep Rally Come Back?

By: Jesse Delousia/Junior Writer

Since Covid-19, Blue Ridge has been unable to hold its annual pep rally. This year, Blue Ridge’s spirit week was held much later than usual, and there were a few changes as well. Students usually have the week to dress up and win points for their class, and then they have pep rally Friday and then the homecoming dance Friday night. This year due to Covid-19, students didn’t get a pep rally or a homecoming dance. 

The purpose of the pep rally is to boost school spirit and show support for team members. Common activities include: crowd participation, games/competitions, cheering teams on, and receiving awards. This year has been particularly depressing due to all of the changes from Covid-19, but some students have developed a strategy to get the pep rally back.

Student Gavin Dissinger started a petition throughout the entire high school. He stated, “We know it won’t be the same as before, but now that we’re in the final quarter and the weather is better, maybe we can get something going outside”.

If you would like to sign the petition see Gavin Dissinger.


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