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Brooks Harper

Madison Gelinger/Senior Writer

Brooks Harper was the speaker at the assembly we had Monday, March 28th. Brooks is a professional speaker that speaks around the country. Brooks draws from 20+ years of experience in Corporate America to help Workforce and Economic Development Boards. 

I reached out to ask how his experience was and Brooks said, “It was great to be at Blue Ridge to speak and share with students! The conversation after the presentation with the junior and senior class is one of the best interactions I’ve had with a student audience in my speaking career.” Is what Brooks said about his experience speaking at Blue Ridge.

His presentation was good and kept people interested and engaged with him through his humor and engaging stories. It was about careers and he teaches the power of gratitude, values, and techniques to battle or cope with stress. He did this by using stories from his real life and people he has met through his journey.

If you wish to reach out to Brooks for whatever reason you can reach him on different platforms. That includes his Phone: 803-318-2315, or his email, or his Twitter or Facebook.  


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