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Breanna Paterno Senior Feature

Breanna Paterno is enjoying her last year at Blue Ridge High School and preparing for her senior year to come to an end. She plans to attend East Stroudsburg University next year to pursue a career in pre dental. 

Some of Paterno’s favorite memories at Blue Ridge include her freshman year when students were sent home for the initial COVID-19 shut down.

“The teachers said they would see me in two weeks, so I took Jordan (Wiegand) home with me, but we never went back to school that year. Summer was twice as long.”

Paterno says the main person who helped her throughout her school years, especially when she struggled the most, is her mom.

“She inspired me to keep going in life and encouraged me to follow my dreams.”

Something Paterno will miss most about high school is being with her friends everyday.

“My friends impact my life positively and I couldn’t be more thankful for them.”

Some advice Paterno would give to  underclassman is: “if you just do your homework you’ll be fine and have good grades.”  

A quote that inspires Bre to keep going on in life is, “Find ways to step out of your comfort zone. Focus on excitement rather than fear!” (unknown).

Paterno is involved with Leo Club (9-12), National Honor Society (9-12), and softball (9-12). 


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Madison Makosky
Madison Makosky
Madison is a senior at Blue Ridge where she is a cheerleader for basketball and football. She also enjoys playing first base for the girls' softball team and making many memories with friends.
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