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BR Teachers Recieve Lauretta Woodson Award

By: Jubilee DelGado/ Staff Artist

On Monday, May 7th, Biology teacher and adviser of the geocaching club, Mrs. Nancy Burkett, and Life Skills Para-professional, Mrs. Betty Cook were recognized at the Blue Ridge School Board meeting for being awarded the 2018 Lauretta Woodson Award from the Pennsylvania Association of School Retirees (PASR).

Supporting public education is the main goal of the PASR. To achieve that goal, the chapters of the organization give scholarships to aid students in the public schooling system. They also emphasize the importance of highlighting public schools in a positive way to eliminate negative stigma and encourage the public education system to keep improving to better the lives of students and staff alike. One way that they work to better the image of public schooling is by giving out the Lauretta Woodson Award. The award goes to one educator and one support professional for going above and beyond in his or her school district.

At the School Board Meeting, as Burkett and Cook were being recognized, individual school board members gave their thanks and respect to both Cook and Burkett, turning it into a very emotional moment, especially with 2018 being Burkett’s last year as an educator at the Blue Ridge School District.

Both educators are extremely grateful for being recognized for all of their many years of hard work within the Blue Ridge School District. They certainly can’t hide their Raider Pride.


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